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Meet our Founder 

Our founder envisioned the concept of Vantage Prep Education long before its inception. Growing up, a child in a family of educators and later pursuing and attaining a Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies -Michelle Mack came to understand the value of establishing early; and building a strong foundation of learning through education. Recognizing her passion for nurturing and developing youthful minds, Michelle endeavored to further solidify her very own academic foundations by earning a Masters Degree in Psychology and becoming a Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP) - working to counsel youth and young adults in her downtime. 

Having worked as a licensed teacher for over 15 years, Michelle transitioned to create an interactive home based primary school, designed to focus on the individual student's needs, while cultivating socialization and mental health practices within the education process. This transition ultimately led to the creation of Vantage Prep Education. 

When not flexing her educator muscle as Vantage Prep's founder and lead teacher, she can be found facilitating classroom management professional development training for teachers as well as engaging in support of a number of community based projects in the RVA and surrounding areas. She has also recently published her first resources guide for educators and parents, available now on Amazon. Meet our founder, Michelle Mack, when you  schedule a tour  today! 

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