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Kindergarten Classroom


Welcome to Vantage Prep! A fully licensed provider servicing preschool and kindergarten students. We are located in Henrico County (Richmond, Virginia). The operational hours of our educational institution span from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Additionally, we offer an extended day program from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The significance of top-tier early learning experiences is increasingly acknowledged as pivotal to children's achievements in subsequent school years and throughout their lives.

The groundwork for future learning, encompassing the development of crucial cognitive, physical, and social-emotional abilities, is established well before a child commences formal schooling.

Our holistic approach to education prioritizes the well-being of our students, ensuring they are equipped with the essential tools to sustain optimal health and wellness across all domains, thereby surpassing expectations and standards along their journey. 

Richmond Virginia Home-Based Private School

Vantage Prep Education operates on the principles of high quality home-based education, commitment, excellence, consistency, and accountability. Unlike conventional facilities, Vantage Prep uses a comprehensive wellness approach, while also ensuring that each child is well equipped with the academic fundamentals necessary for the latter school years and beyond. Early Childhood Specialist, Author, Qualified Mental Health Professional, and Licensed Educator; Michelle Mack, is committed to providing quality education that includes the development and wellness of the whole child. 

In today's ever-changing world, our children are constantly adapting to new challenges and experiences. As the way we live, connect, and socialize evolves, Vantage Prep is committed to providing students with the tools they need to thrive—a lifetime advantage we call our Comprehensive Wellness approach to education.

The Vantage Prep Education's Comprehensive Wellness approach to education starts with the building blocks of traditional education for Intellectual Wellness and creatively incorporates Socio-Emotional wellness to provide our students with a complete foundation.


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We are NOW ACCEPTING enrollment applications. 

We are located in Eastern Henrico; only minutes away from downtown Richmond, Virginia.

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We ensure quality preschool by using data to monitor and drive student's individual academic progress. 


Our comprehensive wellness approach provides students with a foundation that fully equips them with the tools to become enthusiastic lifelong learners! 



At Vantage Prep, we are proud to provide a caring and safe environment for your children. By following our mission, vision and values, we create a nurturing, stimulating and welcoming learning environment for all children.

Our curriculum was uniquely curated to target intellectual wellness in addition to encouraging mindfulness practices, healthy emotional regulation strategies, and self- awareness concepts. We are committed to creating space for the equitable emotional advancement of our students, in efforts to better equipped students with the necessary tools to emotionally navigate their inner world, as inevitable changes occur in their outer world. Get in touch to learn more!

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Vantage Prep maintains and conducts the highest quality standards in child care and education. 

Why is early education so important?

What children learn in the earlier years of development, should prepare them for the ever-changing demands of educational development for secondary and post secondary schooling. Let us help your child to boost their self-confidence, meet their individual goals, and overcome challenges through  Vantage Prep Education.

Mom's Hug

Giovanni started Vantage Prep just after her 3rd birthday with no prior experience in a daycare setting. In one year, she has flourished so much! Ms. Mack has taught Giovanni reading and math skills that I didn't thinks she would be learning until she started school. I'm impressed with how well she is catching on! I also love the environment at Vantage Prep. It's fun, encouraging, and loving. We plan to stay with Vantage Prep as long as we can. 

Danica Taylor

My wife and I ultimately chose Vantage Prep because it has a small classroom feel and is a great pre-cursor to future classroom expectations. Our son has come a long way with reading and Michelle has helped bridge several gaps. He is challenged based on his skill level and I appreciate his growth and continued improvement.

Greg and Candie Williams

Im excited that I have a young licensed preschool teacher with over 15 years of excperience to reinforce and bring to life everything Ive been teaching my son at home.

Ashley Ramsey 

As a parent seeking the best educational foundation for my child, I can confidently say that Vantage Prep has exceeded  all of my expectations. From the moment my child started attending the school, he was welcomed into a warm and inviting atmosphere that immediately put my child and I at ease. The small class setting at Vantage Prep is truly a game-changer. With a low student to child ratio, each child receives individual instruction, fostering a sense of belonging. With care and dedication, Ms. Mack goes above and beyond to understand each child's unique needs, interests, and learning styles, ensuring that every child thrives both academically and emotionally. Vantage Prep's curriculum strikes a perfect balance between structured learning and creative and fun exploration. I also appreciate the regular updates regarding my child's progress. I am truly grateful for the positive impact this school has had on my child's time here and I highly recommend it to any parent looking for a school that truly puts children first!

Brittney Dorman

With the lens of  both a parent and educator, I am continuously impressed with Ms. Mack and all that she does fir her students. She lovingly pushes each child because she truly believes that they all can meet and exceed expectations and standards. My son runs to the door each morning exited to learn and see his friends. He is thriving academically and socially and has grown in his own emotional self-awareness. I attribute this to the loving and supportive learning environment that Ms. Mack has so passionately curated. She is truly committed to nurturing the potential of each of her students.

Jasmine Bates

My daughter Genesis started attending Vantage Prep when she was 4 years old. She was reading a few words, but not many, and she knew her numbers. In the year that she has been at Vantage Prep, she has learned how to read additional words, write sentences, tell time, and add. Ms. Mack also nurtures her emotional well-being by teaching her how to articulate her feelings and how to take time when things are overwhelming. She has come home on several occasions and taught me new things and when I ask where she learned it she is excited to say "Ms. Mack taught it to me today!" I feel fortunate and blessed that she has a teacher like Ms. Mack, who is really dedicated to teaching her. Thank you Ms. Mack for being the best teacher for Genesis and all of the students that you teach! 

Christine Walters

Bailey has grown significantly with Vantage Prep. Within three weeks, Bailey could identify the letters in her name, spell her name, and also write her name. I throughly enjoy reviewing her work from Pre-K.

Kimberly Bailey 

Vantage Pep has without a doubt been the most amazing  private school for my daughter. She has grown so much with academics, as well as making a new group of friends . Ms. Mack has am amazing balance of learning and fun. My daughter comes home with not only a wealth of knowledge in reading and math but also information about famous Americans, meditation exercises, and so much more. Thank you Ms. Mack for pouring into the future of these children.  I can truly say that I love Vantage Prep and everything that it has to offer.

Rhyan Johnson 


1106 Dominion Townes Place
Richmond, VA 23223


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